Marco Islas

I'm sick of Mexico

And I love Mexico, I've lived all my life here and all except the last 5 years have been good years, but I really think Mexico is doomed.

The problem that I see in Mexico is basically a social issue, a issue that can be fixed with just one thing: Education, but there is a problem with that solution, most people don't want to be educated. That's why most people prefer to watch the TV, Facebook, or spend the day at WhatsApp instead of reading a book, talking to each other, or listening good music, tasting, dancing, doing sports, nap, most people just want to do whatever gives them pleasure with no effort.

But to get pleasure you may need money, and also, many people just don't want to work and do the obvious when you don't want to work but want to get money: steal.

I was stolen about a month ago, a guy got into the our business with a knife and steal some money and my cellphone, luckily nobody got hurt. A couple of days ago my brother business got a visit from people like this, but they went at night, and steal about 12 computers, money and some other stuff, needless to say how frustrating is to work and see that all the efforts you are doing vanish in just some minutes.

The police?. Well, that thing is almost inexistent here, there is the Municipal Police, but it is just a joke, I believe they are untrained, there is the state police, but also, they are either not here or ever answer when you call them. There is no federal police, and the military party that from time come to "see" how is the town has taken some kind of vacations because I haven't seem them in a while.

Things are getting worse every day here, and I believe is the whole state (Puebla) and because of that I'm planning to move to another state. Still I believe that the whole country is condemned. The reason, well, you know, the new laws about Oil, Energy, Communications, etc... Mexico is not going in a good path. I believe that would make me move to another country at some point, not today, not tomorrow but I know I want something better for my family.

Fight for Mexico?. Is there any logic on that?, why would I fight for a land that I do not own?, even if I own it, it is just land, I have no attachment with the country, I'm not a Nationalist and I don't think that dying for this country would make any better to my family. I prefer to live somewhere else where I could be in peace, where my kids could be safe, where they can grow in a good environment, with no fear to be robbed, kidnapped or killed for some coins. I just don't want to live in Mexico anymore.
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