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My experience with Ubuntu 11.10 and the MacBook Pro 2011

Installing Ubuntu in the MacBook Pro

I've bought a MacBook Pro 2011 on March this year, and one of the plans for this computer was to use aside with Mac OS X, Ubuntu.

I have Linux already installed in the MacBook Pro 2010 that I've bought in November 2010, it runs like a charm, everything was working out of the box, with some minor changes and MacFanctld that required to be installed in order to slow down the fan when it is not required.

That's the computer that my parents will have now, and will use as long as the computer live (I really hope it lasts more than the Compaq, that was only 1 year with them).

The 2011 model comes with an intel Core i5 and a 320 GB hard drive, more than enough to me, basically, when I have to store a lot of data that I'm not going to use too frequently I store it in an external hard drive, that hard drive is a 1.5TB and also works as my time machine storage.

One of the features of the 2011 MBP is that it comes with a recent model of the Broadcom's 43xx wireless card. This card hasn't support in linux by the time I bought it, so, to me it was useless. Until the kernel 3.1 was released, then, I compiled and installed, and the wifi works pretty good.

But, there are things that I need to fix to get a fully working Ubuntu station on this Apple hardware: Battery life is pretty bad, I mean, really bad, with OS X it last for 5-7 hours, depending on what I'm doing, with Linux I get at most 3 hours (doing nothing), this is what annoys me most, Linux hackers should really make the battery experience be better, now that everyone is leaving desktops in favor of mobile devices.

Another thing that bothers to me is that I can't use the external monitor, I use it to work, I don't really know if it is because of the intel HD3000 or because of the thunderbold display adapter, but I think is the former. I guess there is a misconfiguration somewhere.

Well, I'll try to post my configurations and experience of Ubuntu on the MBP 2011 here.

Volvagia died


Many of you may already know this, since I tweeted/posted in Facebook hours ago, Volvagia, my old laptop (the one that I used before I get the MacBook Pro 2010) died a week ago. I think it could still be repaired, my brother and I are suspecting from the Microprocessor, and if that's the problem it may resurrect.

Volvagia was running Linux since the beginning, I formatted it one day after I bought it, when I was living in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

Siri vs Japanese

This was taken from Nerdcore Podcast #155 and it's pretty funny, the japanese guy never surrender.

So sad

A butterfly flies around another that was crushed on the road. My wife was about to start crying when she saw it.

We lost a big pointer

Dennis Ritchie

Grooveshark's new look

New grooveshark look

What makes Ubuntu 11.10 so great?

I've been a Ubuntu user since late 2007, when I stop using Slackware to use a more friendly Linux distribution, and with friendly I don't meant the wizards and click next next next next all the time, I usually don't like such interfaces unless they are well designed. I meant the easy that it is to install new applications.

OS X of course have an easy way to install applications (drag and drop and some install wizards) but ubuntu is even easier. Not only to install but to keep them updated. Well, that's one reason why I moved to Ubuntu on that time.

Ubuntu has been evolving, from the "pretty and updated Debian" to be a more unique Linux distribution, it is still based on Debian and takes much of the work being done in that great and nobel project, but also develop a branch in the user interface, that makes ubuntu a bit unique. Unity and the whole Ayatana project are making that difference.

I'm waiting for Ubuntu 11.10 and the Linux kernel 3.1 to be released as stable, I need the Linux kernel 3.1 to use the Broadcom 4331 wireless card.

Finally at home


We are finally at home. Cristina, Sofia and I were at Frontera Hidalgo, Chiapas, visiting my parents in law, I have a great time with them and I believe that Sofia and Cristina did enjoy that time too.

Unfortunately Sofia, Cristina and I were sick, being Sofia the one that had the worse time, she was affected by dengue transmitted by a mosquito. She had fever by 6 days, the good part is that we took care of her and the dengue didn't advance to become hemorrhagic fever. Cristina was also sick with sinusitis and I started with flu.

The good part, I meet new family, and meet a couple of very nice place to go, Union Hidalgo, and Santo Domingo, both part of Tapachula Chiapas. Picture above was taken at Union Juarez.

Well, everything else was fine, and now we are finally at home :-)

Titanium Studio

Titanium Studio

For a long time I've been an Eclipse user, to me, it is the best IDE for python if combined with the PyDev plugin, also the subclipse plugin is very useful when working with subversion. A month ago I replaced my custom Eclipse + Pydev with Aptana Studio (Eclipse + Aptana plugins [pydev, html, php, ruby and others]), since they are both based in Eclipse I can install all plugins that were missing in Aptana but there were no need to do that since Aptana includes all the plugins I needed.

I also replaced Eclipse and Pydev with the full Aptana because I'm working out my skills in Django, and installing all plugins one by one could be a bit frustrating if you don't know which plugins to install and how to install all dependencies. Aptana comes with everything in a bundle.

Now I'm replacing Aptana with Titanium Studio (Aptana Studio + Titanium plugins [to build mobile and desktop apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS]), Appcelerator bought Aptana some months ago and, again, since it is based in Eclipse I have the other IDE stuff with some other plugins that I'm currently trying in my spare time just for fun :-).

Portal - Credits Song 'Still Alive'

I love this song.. makes me feel anger with it (yes, I just finished Portal last Sunday)
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