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Little Red Bull


This was my fuel today :-)

One more reason ...

Why software should never relay on non-sensitive case file systems.

Software is more prone to have errors


Well.. Some guy at Adobe thought that was okay rename the webkit library in OS X, I mean, Adobe Air installs Webkit.dylib

/Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/WebKit.dylib
And somewhere between 2.5 and 2.6 they renamed it to Webkit.dylib, yes, with lowercase!. Somebody at Grooveshark test the app only on an insensitive case filesystem (default in OS X), he/they never found the problem.

This also affects some other software, like TweetDeck, if you click on a youtube link it will try to open the video inside TweetDeck... crashing the app.

The fix.. just create a symbolic link, or more Mac'ish an "alias", just open a terminal and execute this:

$ cd /Library/Frameworks/Adobe\ AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/
$ ln -s WebKit.dylib Webkit.dylib
So, the real fault must be with semeone at Adobe, that thought that everyone uses a non-sensitive case file system and believed that renaming a library wouldn't matter at all.

Getting some power


Why Why Why Why????

Why Why Why why!!!!!!???

Can somebody please tell me why an application should rely on a case insensitive file system?

Unfortunately this is not the first case that I see such bad ass programs that require you to have the default filesystem on Mac OS. I just can think on lazy programmers that don't bother to cal {ls,cd,dir,myprogram} instead {LS,Cd,diR,MyProgram}.

Photoshop Fuck the WHAT?!!!


Apple iPod Touch picture fail

Why does it have two apples in the same direction??

8.5 W

8.5 watts

This amazed me.. I was able to get as low as 14w on my old Acer laptop. Obviously, doing nothing (the same than in the Acer).

A not so modern Browser

IE9 is not so 'modern'

It seems that Internet Explorer 9 is not so modern, at the end it does not know that min-width means, neither what to do with text shadows.

Fuck you!

Fuck you!

I guess that sentence is very well trained on google translate service.

Peach and Zelda

Baby Power

Hell Yea!

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