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Semitransparent windows...

Semi-transparent windows to see what's behind... this looks familiar.

Semi transparent windows to see what's in the desktop. Who is copying who?

Kids just want to play

Saturday at the beach

Diego really enjoyed the time we spent at the beach last saturday.

Making cookies

Making cookies

Yesterday was the day, I've finally made cookies :-P, well, my wife made the mix and I just made the form of the cookies in company of my helper (or was I the helper?) Sofia and the little Diego.

Every time I think about Facebook and Oculus Rift

This comes to my mind when I think about Facebook and Oculus Rift

It is actually pretty scary. More people attached to devices that requires them to be sit, quiet in a single place...

Volvagia died


Many of you may already know this, since I tweeted/posted in Facebook hours ago, Volvagia, my old laptop (the one that I used before I get the MacBook Pro 2010) died a week ago. I think it could still be repaired, my brother and I are suspecting from the Microprocessor, and if that's the problem it may resurrect.

Volvagia was running Linux since the beginning, I formatted it one day after I bought it, when I was living in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

Finally at home


We are finally at home. Cristina, Sofia and I were at Frontera Hidalgo, Chiapas, visiting my parents in law, I have a great time with them and I believe that Sofia and Cristina did enjoy that time too.

Unfortunately Sofia, Cristina and I were sick, being Sofia the one that had the worse time, she was affected by dengue transmitted by a mosquito. She had fever by 6 days, the good part is that we took care of her and the dengue didn't advance to become hemorrhagic fever. Cristina was also sick with sinusitis and I started with flu.

The good part, I meet new family, and meet a couple of very nice place to go, Union Hidalgo, and Santo Domingo, both part of Tapachula Chiapas. Picture above was taken at Union Juarez.

Well, everything else was fine, and now we are finally at home :-)

I love my little girl


I miss her.

So suspicious

This week, I'm working from Cd. Hidalgo, Tapachula, Chiapas, this place is near to the frontier with Guatemala, the town in the other side of the river is Ayutla, which in some time was part of Mexico, but now is part of Guatemala.

I have to come here to work because the place where my parents-in-law there is no ADSL or 2/3/4G wireless connection, and using EDGE is horrible.

So, I come to work a cyber, and it called to my attention that they use some Windows XP based thin clients, which in some way may look good for a cyber, since there is only one computer as the "brain" of the cyber, and require less power, less maintenance, etc.. but, in the other hand, screen looks awful, like a 256 VNC session, videos also look pretty bad, and you can see the flick when the screen tries to refresh quite often.

Another thing that I notice is that every monitor have a chan around it, I don't know if it is because the owners don't want the user to move them, or if there is another reason, like being afraid that someone stole them.

So suspicious!!

Little Red Bull


This was my fuel today :-)

"I Can't" is for pussies

Damn ant
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