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I'm sick of Mexico

And I love Mexico, I've lived all my life here and all except the last 5 years have been good years, but I really think Mexico is doomed.

The problem that I see in Mexico is basically a social issue, a issue that can be fixed with just one thing: Education, but there is a problem with that solution, most people don't want to be educated. That's why most people prefer to watch the TV, Facebook, or spend the day at WhatsApp instead of reading a book, talking to each other, or listening good music, tasting, dancing, doing sports, nap, most people just want to do whatever gives them pleasure with no effort.

But to get pleasure you may need money, and also, many people just don't want to work and do the obvious when you don't want to work but want to get money: steal.

I was stolen about a month ago, a guy got into the our business with a knife and steal some money and my cellphone, luckily nobody got hurt. A couple of days ago my brother business got a visit from people like this, but they went at night, and steal about 12 computers, money and some other stuff, needless to say how frustrating is to work and see that all the efforts you are doing vanish in just some minutes.

The police?. Well, that thing is almost inexistent here, there is the Municipal Police, but it is just a joke, I believe they are untrained, there is the state police, but also, they are either not here or ever answer when you call them. There is no federal police, and the military party that from time come to "see" how is the town has taken some kind of vacations because I haven't seem them in a while.

Things are getting worse every day here, and I believe is the whole state (Puebla) and because of that I'm planning to move to another state. Still I believe that the whole country is condemned. The reason, well, you know, the new laws about Oil, Energy, Communications, etc... Mexico is not going in a good path. I believe that would make me move to another country at some point, not today, not tomorrow but I know I want something better for my family.

Fight for Mexico?. Is there any logic on that?, why would I fight for a land that I do not own?, even if I own it, it is just land, I have no attachment with the country, I'm not a Nationalist and I don't think that dying for this country would make any better to my family. I prefer to live somewhere else where I could be in peace, where my kids could be safe, where they can grow in a good environment, with no fear to be robbed, kidnapped or killed for some coins. I just don't want to live in Mexico anymore.

My point of view about iOS (and the iPhone I've got)


About a week ago I made myself to an iPhone, a quite old iPhone, was the best option because of the price/benefit against other Android alternatives at the same price. The iPhone supports iOS 7 and even when I'm getting familiar with it I have some complains against the way it works.

So, let's start with being positive, the things that I like about iOS 7 and the phone. The first thing that you'll notice is the build quality, I have no complain at all, the materials, the finish, all in this phone is great, the device is not big but it feels a bit heavy meaning that every single space inside of it is used.

I'm pretty much used to bigger screens, the GNex screen is a 4.75" while the iphone is 3.5", still comfortable, and talking about the screen, it is really impressive, shaper than the screen of the GNex.

Another thing that I love of this device is the camera, pictures are really nice even when they are just 5MP pictures, with good light photos are sharp and even with low light they are quite good.

Power management is another thing that I like about it, even when the battery is smaller than the Nexus it seems that it last long, I could leave the phone connected to the WiFi and battery does decrease but not that fast as the Nexus. The WiFi automatically disconnects some minutes after the screen is turned off and I assume that from time to time it gets online to update stuff (mails, apps, etc.)

I think this covers most all the things that are worth to mention of the things that I like about the iPhone, again, most of them are about Hardware, quality on the hardware, now I'm about to talk about the thing that I don't like.

I hate the fact that all the apps that are not developed by Apple are second class citizens in iOS, I have a couple of reasons that prove it.

The first, you can't set your default browser, your default mail app or any other service provider (twitter for example), you have to stick to what the Apple Apps. I'd love Chrome and I also like to have it as my default browser, but I can't. I made use of GMail all day and even when I can install it and configure my accounts to use it I still have to set them for the system, there is then, no integration, okay, let's not blame iOS for this but the Gmail app, but here comes the second reason.

What if I want to use a particular app to share stuff, let's say, a picture. What if I want to use GMail to send that picture? I'll have to open GMail, create a new message and attach the picture, I can't do this directly from the pictures app, however, you can do it only with the Apple Apps.

Apps can talk to apps, but they are completely isolated, I mean, you are in Twitter and click a link, it should open Safari, when you are done there is no way in Safari to get back to he app that requested it, you have to double click the home button and manually go back to Twitter.

Apps are just apps, there are no content providers, an app can't say "Hey, I can handle that URL", if you click a Twitter link in Facebook it won't open that link in the Twitter app, but will open a web view, even if you want it to be opened in Safari it is still not Twitter.

Apps are so isolated that, one App that I really use a lot, Dropbox is extremely limited, you can't download a file if it is not recognised by the OS or if Dropbox does not have a handler for it. There is not a shared place to hold your files, pictures have to go to "Camera Roll", what if I want to download a PDF?, a shared "Download" folder would be good.

In my opinion, there are several things that Apple must address in iOS before they can continue calling it "The most advanced mobile operating system". Android is definitively far, far beyond it.

Metro Last Ligh

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.17.14 PM

Do any of you have any clue of how to fix this?. I'm currently working on my Mac Book Pro 2011, which have a pretty decent intel HD3000 who has accomplished almost all the tasks I've given to it. But form Metro Last Light it seems that it will not work.

It's a shame because I paid $29 USD for the game at the Mac App Store, there is no clue about this game not working on intel HD3000 (or any other intel HD graphics) chip. But it seems that I can't just get my money back.

To me this is more a driver issue than the game. Intel HD3000 can play this game on other platforms (Linux, Windows) but a) I don't want to pay for this game again, and b) I don't want to be switching the OS just to play a game.

Do any of my few readers know if there is any "updated" driver for the intel HD 3000? or any trick to change the settings of Metro Last Light? which btw falls in the absurd of simple when it comes to graphics.

At then I think I'll have to buy the PS 3 version :-(

The other side of the coin

mercadolibre logo

I was talking in a previous post about customer experience and the good impression that I have about Apple in this context.

Now I want to talk about the other side, when the experience is not that good.

What bothers me in OS X 10.7

and likes (in some way), is that it can reopen the windows in the state they were the last time you use them, but not only that, it can reopen the same windows if the machine has to be rebooted (or shut down, then started the next day), in that cases, I like that feature.

But it bothers me when the computer freezes for some X, Y, Z reason (yes, OS X freezes too, don't be such a fanboy), it will boot and reopen every single window were left before the freeze, it is good if you have something important, but it bothers to me since most of what I do is saved constantly or don't even need to be saved.

OS X is fast, but if you start several apps at the same time, they will take more time to open (another good reason to use shared libraries).

Anyway, it bothers to me.

One more reason ...

Why software should never relay on non-sensitive case file systems.

Software is more prone to have errors


Well.. Some guy at Adobe thought that was okay rename the webkit library in OS X, I mean, Adobe Air installs Webkit.dylib

/Library/Frameworks/Adobe AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/WebKit.dylib
And somewhere between 2.5 and 2.6 they renamed it to Webkit.dylib, yes, with lowercase!. Somebody at Grooveshark test the app only on an insensitive case filesystem (default in OS X), he/they never found the problem.

This also affects some other software, like TweetDeck, if you click on a youtube link it will try to open the video inside TweetDeck... crashing the app.

The fix.. just create a symbolic link, or more Mac'ish an "alias", just open a terminal and execute this:

$ cd /Library/Frameworks/Adobe\ AIR.framework/Versions/1.0/Resources/
$ ln -s WebKit.dylib Webkit.dylib
So, the real fault must be with semeone at Adobe, that thought that everyone uses a non-sensitive case file system and believed that renaming a library wouldn't matter at all.

Why Why Why Why????

Why Why Why why!!!!!!???

Can somebody please tell me why an application should rely on a case insensitive file system?

Unfortunately this is not the first case that I see such bad ass programs that require you to have the default filesystem on Mac OS. I just can think on lazy programmers that don't bother to cal {ls,cd,dir,myprogram} instead {LS,Cd,diR,MyProgram}.

Photoshop Fuck the WHAT?!!!

Mexico new name: Hell

Damn heat ...

Beside every bad thing that is happening to our country.. the fucking heat that is burning us.

Suffering because of Play Station Network

I do play games by myself.. but it's pretty good to challenge another around the world, and I have already finished a couple of times the campaign mode.

On the other hand.. I can't even play the games that I downloaded from the PlayStation Store :-/

Dude, where are my Gigabytes?

One of the limitations that I found when I bought my laptop is that the hard drive is pretty small to what I was used to, I had a 320 GB (actually I still have it in the old laptop that I no longer use), and Mac OS X by the way it works "waste" a lot of space with the apps, I quote waste because I'm not the kind of people that have tons of apps that I never use. But the ones that I use are kind of big.

Cleaning the hard drive has become one weekly task, I do download a lot of stuff from the internet. Buying a new and bigger hard drive seems better, but I think that the 250GB would be pretty good for what I have and store everything else on an external HDD. I'm also migrating to online solutions, like Grooveshark, where I don't have the files in my computer, just get it over a stream app.

Well.. getting back to the cleaning part, trying to figure out where my GB are, I found that many of them are in my virtual machines, that's okay until I found a better way to transfer high amounts of data to and from a external HDD within the less time possible. The other place where my disk is "wasted" is my Mail folder, more precisely, the Gmail folder.

I found that the [GMAIL] folder weights 17Gb!!!

WTF!, Dude, where are my GB ?

But hey.. didn't Google only offered ~7.5 GB ??. Yeah, sure, actually, gmail's web client says that I have only 3.5Gb used.. where those 13.5 Gb are coming from?.

WTF!, Dude, where are my GB ?


I've been using Gmail practically since it becomes public, when you have to be "invited", those invitations were expensive on ebay (FYI, I didn't buy it). And were the place to store pictures, that's why I get all those 3GB of mails :-).

One of the coolest things on Gmail are tags, they are a convenient way to organize your email, actually, I created a thon of filters to auto tag my incoming/outgoing email, was it coming from Cristina, you got "Cristina's" tag, does it have pictures, get the picture tag, does it is one of my sql backups, you're done!.

So, a big amount of mails have a tag, and many, many of them have several tags. One of the principle of a tag is that it is just that, a tag, some "extra" data attached to the message that let you organize by searching tags. As uncle Steve would say.. "Pretty cool, Huh?".

Actually yes!, until you configure your email client to use IMAP. I used POP3 for years, until I've got my Nexus One and start reading my mail there too.

IMAP behaves in a pretty different way... IMAP does not know about tags, it knows about folders, you get your default folders (INBOX, DRAFTS, SENT and TRASH), then you create some tags and when you configure your email client to connect with gmail via IMAP it gets your tags as folders. At this time you know where my GBs are.

Just in case you don't see it... if I have several tags for several mails in GMAIL, I'll have several copies of the very same email on every folder in my email client!. I mean, if I have one 10 MB email with three tags in Gmail, google's mail service will say that I have 10 MB used, but in my email client, I will have three 10 MB emails, using 30 MB.

So.. why it never happened with POP3??, a simple reason, I never synced/downloaded email from other than INBOX, then it doesn't matter how many tags the mail got, I downloaded just one copy.

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