Marco Islas


What's Happening in Mexico? A global call for freedom #EPNvsInternet


This video pretty much resumes what's happening with Mexico in terms of Internet and other ways of communications, the government states that "for security reasons" they want to be able to shut down internet and any other way to communicate (cellphones, land lines, TV, Radio). With just one "competitive authority" that ask it , the communication providers must shut down the service on some sectors or even in the whole country.

The President Enrique Peña Nieto is bay far the one of the most hated presidents in history, I know, many if not all Mexican presidents have been hated. But this one in particular because we all believe he is dump. C'mon, he couldn't tell the title of three different books that made a mark in his life!!!.

The "LeyTelecom" also means that ISP can charge for service that are by now free, this includes accessing to services that are not property of the ISP, like Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Grooveshark or any other, just imagine having to pay for a VIP account in order to have access to Youtube.

What's more important to me, well, youtube is important to me, but what will happen with me that I need, but I really mean it, I need internet to wrok. What if they decide that in order to avoid people using VPN's to workaround their filters decide to shut down all the freaking ports and leave nothing but 80, 443 and the IMAP/SMTP ports?.

I don't wanna have to pay more just to work, I'm already paying a lot just to work (IVA, ISR), I do not want to pay any more.

I'm really worried about this, if this law is approved then we all Mexicans can forget about getting a better Mexico, we will be in a fairy tale.

Maybe it is just the right time to move to another country?. Who wants a handsome Mexican that can also write code?