Do you need telegram but do t want to leave the terminal?? How To Use Telegram From The Command Line – OMG! Ubuntu!

Excellent way to use telegram if you want to avoid all ha the interrupts of leaving the shel or maybe just don’t have a graphical interface at all.

All weekend I’ve been itching to write about telegram-cli, a command-line interface to—faux gasp of surprise—the Telegram messaging service. Naturally, bec

Source: How To Use Telegram From The Command Line – OMG! Ubuntu!

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Linux… server… gráfico?

Y si los hay, conozco a varios que se instalan (pa empezar) ubuntu desktop como servidor porque quieren tener modo gráfico.

Si lo primero que se debe aprender es a usar la terminal y un buen editor de texto (Pico/Nano no cuentan pero igual se aprenden)

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How many windows devices do you have?

In my office, how many computers runs Unix or Linux.

  • Two computers
    • One runs Linux
    • One runs macOS
    Three cellphones
    • Two runs Android (4.3 and 5.0.1)
    • One runs iOS 9
    One Tablet
    • iOS 9
    PS3 One (good old) Linksys WRG54G
    • Linux

    If I count all my house devices, I need to add two more iPads, one iPhone and one Apple TV.  Windows free home ?.

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So, bash in Windows 10

What can I say?, Microsoft finally accepted that they needed it to be “serious” about servers. I personally hope I won’t ever have to deal with using a server running Windows, not even if it runs bash, although if it is done fine the common “usage” for the user will be fine. I think the problems will come with the underlying platform, I mean Windows by itself, the kernel, the system calls, and the way it handle processes etc..

The surprise… Canonical, the fucking SOLD to Microsoft. My conspiranoic side already had these ideas that Ubuntu and its “convergence” stuff were nothing but the playground to what now is Microsoft Windows 10 Continuum, the scopes, and everything else might be that thing too. read more

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