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Grooveshark shuts down!

Its a shame since Grooveshark was my favourite streaming music service, basically because it plays well with other social networks like Facebook/Twitter but also because of the desktop app. Now I don’t know which service is the best, Google Play Music seems the best choice but I don’t know if iTunes Radio + iTunes Match could do it. The problem with iTunes is that it works only with iDevices and Macs, so my Android would be excluded.

Spotify is not an option to me, I just don’t like it.

Tidal is just too new, too expensive and does not offer anything new. read more

My experience with digital ocean

Thanks to the tracking stuff that Google do, once I searched for cheap VPS to host a service that I use now in my family business, and thanks to that search a lot of Digital Ocean ads appeared on the sites I visited, and I mean a lot, do you remember it? it was a video about a guy deploying the code he just wrote…

Well, I wasn’t really convinced about it, I already was using a server that I had for a couple of years, it was cheap because it was not a monster of server but it did the task. I was looking for an alternative because I started to see complains of other people about this company and I had a couple of issues with terrible support. So, I decided to go for another server. read more

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