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No Mr. Trump, you are wrong!

No Mr. Trump, Mexico is not sending the worst people, actually, they are the best. There are a lot of people looking for a better way of life, people that have to leave their family here to look for a better job. People that leave their country, their friends to have a better chance for their kids, people that try to grow. Those that you are talking about (ilegal immigrants) are the ones that need it the most, because of their education level a visa is not granted. Because of bureaucracy the visa is not granted, because of lack of opportunities the visa is not granted, but they are still looking for a better way to live. read more

Power adapters

I’ve bought that USB power adaptor to charge my phone/tablet while I was in Italy, the problem is that Mexico (and I believe the whole America) does not use those connectors, luckily when we arrived here I found a really old converter that if I’m not wrong is from a Sony Camera.

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