Cleaning the PS3

My PS3 is basically a Netflix client (the Wii do the same thing) for my wife and kids, but for me this is where I play, my MacBook Pro sucks at games because of the shitty HD3000 video chip which is fine for video play but not that good for gaming, which in some way is good for me since I don’t play that much in the computer and the games that I really care about are not in OS X.

Yesterday the PS3 wasn’t starting, a few seconds after I hit the start button and the green led turns on the system halted with three beeps and the green led turned red and pulsating. According to this it is supposed to mean that the PS3 got overheated and turned itself off. So, what should I do?, nothing more than cleaning. read more

Another thing that iOS needs to improve

I have to create an email for work, I usually respond to email in my computer but since it have no power (I left it like that, I’m doing the monthly maintenance), I tried to do it I my iPad.

The message must contain a PDF file, the good thing is: that file is in Dropbox, so, just get that file and Do the mail. Wrong.

Dropbox in iOS doesn’t let you export the documents, if you want to “share” a file e you send only the link to the file but no the file. In some cases you need to send the file not the link to the file (automatic email processing for example). What did I did? read more


I’ve recently post about my laptop having almost 4 years, also, if you follow me in twitter/facebook you know my rants about the OS X FS (HFS+) issues related to the IO. Many people have recommended to me to use an SSD disk, I hadn’t basically because of two factors: First, I’m kind of afraid to data loss because the lifespan of the SSD and the price.

Well, I finally put one of this things inside my computer and I’m really happy, let’s see how long this happiness last, I hope at least two years. read more

Almost 4

This is my computer, for personal and work stuff and is almost four years old, maybe if you own apple product for more time that I’ve done this doesn’t mean nothing, but to me it is, being a PC user for most of my life I’ve never been with a computer this long, the desktops were obsoletes ant the laptops broken, basically from the keyboard.

So, I really love this computer.

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Enjoy your life, not just your phone

I really like this video, I’ve seen many people just staring at the screens when I go with my wife and kids to the market, sending selfies to instagram, what they are going to eat, of course is their right to do that, but when a friend prefer to be watching at his/her phone screen instead to be watching at me when I’m talking you know things are wrong.

If you are a friend of me and we usually talk face to face, please put your phone/tablet down when I’m talking to you, be sure that I’ll do the same. read more

New rant about iOS, this time iOS 8

Hi, this is me again And I’m about to talk about why iOS 8 is definitely not the most advanced operating system not even for mobile devices.

I recently got an iPad, I bought a couple of them because I wanted to give a good looking and well integrated device to my wife, she have a computer, which runs Linux from the very first day we get it, but now it is too old and with the kids is almost impossible to have a time to sit at the desktop and work with it, beside, my wife needs I terms of computational power are quite low, she basically Checks Facebook and watch videos in YouTube. read more

IFE.. or INE… Inefficient

Today I’ve  tried to renovate I’m federal ID, that ID is used for everything although in most cases it is just an identification but it is required for many means.

Since my current ID has expired I cannot do anything that involves the ID. The solution just renovate, but there’s a problem.. In order to renovate it you have to go to the IFE (INE) the requirements are: an updated and original birth certificate and something that proves where you live.

and that’s where my problem starts, I don’t have any original birth certificates, I just couldn’t find one in my house, I have copies but they just don’t work. I wonder why do I have to give that papers if the only thing I want is to get a new card. They are supposed to have my data already and providing the original current ID should be enough. read more


Well, today I went to Huauchinango, Puebla, the main reason was to get my new federal ID since the one that I have has expired. But I couldn’t get the paper done and I’ll have to go in a couple of days again.

The trip is a bit tired, a couple (if not three) hours in bus mostly because of the road, curves in the sierra.

I like that place, seems to be a nice place to live and makes me reconsider Tuxtla as my next hometown, maybe San Cristobal de las Casas is better 😉

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Now that I have one week of vacations (lol, I don’t even believe that, no with kids), I plan to spend some time with the PS3 at the normal hours (I usually play when everyone else is sleeping in the house).

I’ve already been playing it, I find it a bit hard because of the need to hack everything and the movements are a bit hard to do with precision, but I guess I only need to get used to the gameplay; in Batman Arkham City, Batman flies like if he were drunk and still I enjoyed the game. read more


The last couple of days I’ve been working with Kivy. For those that don’t know is a framework to create applications in graphical environments and in multiple platforms, all of these in the most easy to use programming language: Python, (And I mean programming language, JavaScript doesn’t count).

Well, its interesting to work with it, basically because I have the influence of GTK+ and having no windows but calling to widgets creates some confusion. Also, there is this Kivy language which is something like what Glade is In GTK but a lot easier to read (actually everything is easier to to read than XML). read more

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft presented a sneak peak of what Windows 10 well be  to be honest I think this is the refinement to Windows 8 that was required.

I personally find Windows as a desktop operating system pretty good, something that is in most of the ordinal computers in the world has to have something good.

Since Windows 7 I found it pretty useful, with Windows 8 the main drawback was the lack of the start menu but with windows 10 I see that those rough corners in 8 are gone.

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It’s evolution baby

We recently saw the demonstration that evolution is more powerful than anything, natural selection doing its work.

Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, two phones with bigger screens than the previous iPhones. The iPhone 5 was a mark because for long time Apple said that the 3.5″ was just perfect and nobody needed a bigger phone, when they increased the iPhone 5 screen they did only in the height so you can still get to the edge of the screen with the thumb. So, what happens with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?. read more

Max Payne 3

This is the game that came to replace the beloved KillZone 3. I’m still playing the Story mode and sometimes I get into the multiplayer, but I’m in such a low level that I get killed just some seconds I spawn.

Anyway, I like this game, I hope you can join me in the multiplayer, just look for markuzmx in the PSN

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