The Narco Culture that is killing Mexico

A few days ago, five “kids” took the life of a 6 years old kid, they supposedly were “playing” a game were they kidnapped the kid, the problem, the backstabbed him, cut his chicks, asphyxiate him, then buried him and hide him with a dead animal, branches and leaves. That’s totally fucked, they weren’t playing they were committing a homicide, they are murders, they are not kids.

In principle, why kids are playing a game where one of them is kidnapped?. Well, the narco culture of mexico is painfully reaching kids, they see all that violence in TV, first because there is a constant booming of the media showing the massacres, the killed, the red note because that sells, not knowing that is it getting to the ones that on first place don’t know how to distinguish between good and evil. Of course, they will, but when they get to a mature age seeing people being killed will be so normal that there will be no difference, nothing to be scared off. read more

The government put a complete year in the making of the new park, the old was completely destroyed, the trees were moved to a football field (fortunately they weren’t just ripped off the ground and left to be just wood) and the new park was first used on April 30.

I notice one issue, the park is to be honest bad. The park indeed is pretty if you just see it from outside, first, there is a kiosk that have nothing, no seats, no music, no local store, nothing, I guess participation of the community is needed in order to give it a little bit more of life. read more

My (zen) experience with Digital Ocean

Thanks to the tracking stuff that Google do, I was one looking for cheap VPS to host a service that I use now in my family business, and thanks to that search a lot of Digital Ocean Ads displayed on the sites I visited, and I mean a lot, do you remember it? it was a video about a guy deploying the code he just wrote…

Well, I wasn’t really convinced about it, I already was using a server that I had for a couple of years, it was cheap because it was not a monster of server but it accomplish with the task. I was looking for an alternative because I started to see complains of other people about this company (starts with “server” and ends with “pronto”) and I had a couple of issues with terrible support. So, I decided to go for another server. read more

Press this, or the way WordPress do a reblog.



If you have been using WordPress for a long time this may sound dumb since you may had this option for a long time, I just discovered.

Tumblr is the biggest competition to wordpress, one of its key feature is the “reblog” where you can just reblog a post and have it in your blog. So, we can see blogs that are entirely reblogs, from multiple sites and sometimes it is easier to just follow that blog because they have information from multiple sources you don’t have to be looking for.

To me this is a good thing, not to “steal” content from other blogs, but I see that some sites like Twitter and Facebook, they live because of the content we display on them, its like a deal, you let me use your service for free, you put ads in the timeline and live with the content I’m creating. I’ve been trying to keep my stuff with me and by myself, aside from flickr, my blog, my email and other stuff is with me, I’m not a purist, I use Gmail and some other services, but what belongs to me and I do care about it is in my server and with my services.

So, if I post to twitter, to me is good to share via my blog, so you can visit my blog too.

“Press this” is not just a “reblog” system, I can add text so I can add a comment to that post, so I share that post, and since I add my point of view and more importantly I’m adding a link to the source I’m not stealing any content.



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Let you delete one finder instance from one of your screens, with this you may dedicate one screen to full screen apps only and the other for the rests. It’s pretty annoying to have finder selected in the secondary screen but since it is an “extension” of your primary desktop you see no icons, so, Finder can use both screens but it won’t change to the whole desktop when you select finder.

This is in first place inconsistent, and may be useless when you want to select some file from the desktop and the finder “part” that is visible is in the secondary screen. Putting the same desktop icons in both screens would definitively help, having only one desktop would be great!.


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So, this is my review of the 2014.

The good things:

  • New year new baby, I started this year with a newborn, although she was born in Dec 17 2013, she was only 14 days when 2014 started.
  • I released a lot of stress caused by a debt with the bank.
  • We move the family business to another place where we are exposed to more people, all of them potential customers ;-).
  • Sofia and Diego are more and more independent. Sofia is 5 years old but she is pretty smart, she questions everything, “Why this..? why that..?”, sometimes too many questions may be irritating but I prefer that, she needs to keep asking, being curious. Diego just plays a lot.
  • Ana started to walk, she is still learning.
  • I’ve got a new cellphone (twice) and finally got a tablet.
  • I moved from the old blog to this, made in WordPress.
  • Made 4 years working with SpamExperts.
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    As you may know, I have Android 5.0 Lollipop installed in my Moto G, I did this 13 days ago and so far thing are going well, the system is responsive and even whit all those animations it is fluid, although there are some parts that I don’t really like.

    Lets start with the things that I like.

    First, everything is fluid, all animations runs smooth even whit this phone that is not the beast as the flagship models. The material design language adds a lots of animations and those in Kit-Kat were a bit choppy, but with Lollipop they run perfectly at least at 30 fps if not 60.

    The new notification bar is indeed an evolution of that it was, its more functional now that the quick settings area is just a pull down ahead and include more options than with Kit-Kat, still, custom ROMs like Paranoid Android are beyond this, letting you customize this area (in Kit-Kat).

    The “meh..”

    The recents panel is not limited to a small number of apps, it seems to remember all the apps you have open since the phone booted up, this have its downside since there may be a lot of apps in the recents, it doesn’t mean they are all open but there are traces of it in the recents panel, it may be just easier to open the app from the homescreen or app drawer instead of looking for it in recents. Also, I don’t like that Chrome splits all its tabs in the recents, at some point you don’t know how many “tabs” you have open.

    The “buu!”

    Although there may be tons of new API functions/methods in the OS to support Android Wear and other fancy things, to be honest and aside from the material design, Lollipop doesn’t offer something new to the table, it is prettier? yes, as it should be, but I don’t see a key feature that it wasn’t in 4.4.

    ART to a simple mortal user means nothing, is like if you changed the sparking plug of your car, it may improve something but the normal user won’t really notice something.


    So far so good, Android 5.0 Lollipop feels like a more mature OS, but if you have KK there should be no rush to upgrade since there is possibly nothing new for you.

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    Lollipop at the Moto G

    As you may know, I have a Moto G, a great device at a really low price, it has a 720p display that gives you 320dpi, 16GB of storage which to me is more than enough, 1GB of RAM, again, enough; and the latest version of Android. Well, you may have Android 4.4.4 but you can install Android 5.0 by now.

    The Brazilian version of the Moto G, the XT1033 (dual SIM) have now the upgrade if you enrolled to the Motorola feedback program, then getting the OTA was just a matter of time.

    In order to upgrade to Lollipop you must flash your device with the Brazilian firmware, you need then an unlocked bootloader, but if you are interested (or desperate) enough to install it I guess you already have it unlocked.

    What you will need to have:

    • Unlocked bootloader
    • fastboot
    • adb
    • a custom recovery (eg. TWRP)
    • Brazilian firmware from here.
    • OTA Update from here.

    What you will need have to do.

    1. Restore the stock Brazilian firmware
      fastboot flash motoboot motoboot.img
      fastboot flash logo logo.bin
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
      fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
      fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0
      fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1
      fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2
      fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
      fastboot erase modemst1
      fastboot erase modemst2
      fastboot flash fsg fsg.mbn
      fastboot erase cache
    2. Boot the phone and let it build the basic structure of the system.
    3. Reboot into the bootloader.
      1. Press the Power Button and the “Vol Down” button for around 5 seconds, then release them, you should see the bootloader menu.

      Flash the custom recovery

      fastboot flash recovery custom_recovery.img

      Copy the OTA update to the SDCard.

      adb push /sdcard/ read more