So, this is me:

Name: Marco Antonio Islas Cruz
Email: Click here to unveil
My GPG key  (How to encrypt your emails)
Pictures: Flickr
Twitter: markuzmx
Facebook: markuzmx

And this is what I am:

My friends see me like, they think I am, and I feel a bit Geek because I use my personal computer most of the time (I mean, about 14 to 16 hour a day). Even when this is not the main fact, many of my friends use their computers/gadgets all day, in my case is because I use technologies different to what they use, for example, the Operating System and then a different Desktop Environment called GNOME (when working on Linux), I also like programming and follow some philosophies

This may help you to have drawn about me:

  • Operating Systems: GNU/Linux, Mac OS X (My laptop uses OS X, any other uses Linux)
  • Linux distribution Ubuntu, Slackware and debian
  • Desktop environment: Gnome, Aqua
  • Programming languages: Python, BASH script C and PHP
  • Favorite text editor: vim, MacVim in Mac
  • IDE: Eclipse with PyDev plugin / PyCharm.
  • Projects:
    • Gpkg, a Package manager that I was writing for the Slackware Linux Operating System, this was my first attempts to write a Desktop Application on Linux, I wrote it in Python with the help of PyGTK. By the time it is almost death, I can’t think on Slackware People using it, just because of the KISS principle that must rule on Slackware.Anyway, if you want to give it a chance you can check for it on the project page
    • Christine, a media player written again, in Python with PyGTK, This was the larger personal project that I made Open Source, it is no longer developed/maintained but you can get the source code in my github repository:
  • Work:
    • Today I’m working with the SpamExperts a great team around the world providing Spam solutions. I’m working as a Python Developer here.
    • I was working with ICT Consulting, a mexican enterprise involved in the software development role, mostly for gas stations and for gasoline Pumps that are manufactured and sold by Binarium Technologies but not limited to.


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